A Serious Biker’s List of Milestones to Reach

There are many small achievements you can get as you reach to become a more serious and passionate biker. Achievements such as getting your first bike, patching a flat tire for the first time, or getting up after your first fall are stepping stones in becoming true cyclists, however, taking on the big leap in challenging yourself to the limit is what gives a road biker its name.

  1. Reaching the limit

Getting yourself a serious mental break from a ride that you just can’t continue anymore is one of them. This is when you’ve pushed yourself to the extent where your legs gave in to the pedals, unable to give one more push. Whether it could be from the lack of rest or nutrition, obtaining the sense of exhaustion until your breaking point is one that every long distance road cyclist can relate to as a moment where it deserves a pat in the back.


  1. Participating in your First Race

Already prepared with a balanced nutrition and hydrating yourself to prevent yourself from reaching the limit, it’s time for your first cycling event! However, you can still be a really good cyclist without participating any, but there is a certain build of excitement and thrill that is not the same as a casual morning ride. As you pass the finish line, the familiar feeling of accomplishment fills you up, making you look forward to the next upcoming event.


  1. First Road Bike Upgrade

You’re more than likely to start out with a bike that did not have the newest, high-tech, flashiest ride in the market. You might have saved up for that road bike that you’ve been eyeing on for so long or got a new road bike as a gift. Nonetheless, it is still an upgrade. If you’re looking to help someone upgrade their road bike, checkout beastslive.com for the best collection of quality road bikes!