Picture Touch Up Software alternatives to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has been shadowing another picture touch up software on the market for many years. The software would often offer a free trial before prompting the user to purchase a license to continue, which might cause some inconvenience to others especially when they’re looking for something as sleek and powerful as Photoshop, but just can’t afford to purchase one. Instead of Photoshop, there are other alternatives that have similar features that you’ll need. But it really goes down to what operating system your computer holds. Nonetheless here are examples of the best picture touch up software for both Mac and Windows users at a cheaper price.

  1. Mac: Pixelmator ($31 for OS X)

It’s difficult to hide that almost anything that operates with a Mac often comes along with a price. The software itself costs $31 for OS X, and it still more affordable than Photoshop.  Pixelmator has been in debate for the longest time and still turns up to become the best picture touch up software for Mac. The software is able to handle large amounts of photos and the user interface is similar to the ones from Photoshop, allowing anyone who has had their fair share in experiencing adobe’s UI to get easily accustomed to Pixelmator.

  1. Windows: (Free)

It’s lucky for Windows users that one of the most innovated photo editing programs to become an advanced picture touch up software. started out as the program that all we all played around at least once called Paint. Now it is a more professional person that is capable of manipulating photos with the most powerful tools, all of it comes for free. is great for daily photo enhancements and edits, but the only downside of this is that it is slightly short of editing tools.


Art sightseeing in Dubai

Dubai has a growing community of local and regional talents, making it an important destination for art lovers. March is deemed as the official art month for Dubai where well-known and popular art events such as Art Dubai, Design Days Dubai, Sikka Art Fair and Art Week are held. But other than these short-period art events, where else can one find art?

One of the most popular places to go art sightseeing in Dubai is Al Quoz. One part of Al Quoz used to be an industrial area but has recently emerged as a trendy arts district. Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz has an abundance of galleries, modern cafes and concept stores. Here are a few recommended galleries which are a must to visit in the area – Carbon 12, Green Art Gallery, 1×1 Gallery, and Courtyard. Carbon 12 was one of the first outposts of contemporary art in Al Quoz back in 2008.

Another notable place for art sightseeing is Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. This is where the Sikka Art Fair is held every year. It contains art galleries within rooms and courtyards of its historical houses. The oldest galleries there is XVA where Middle Eastern art can be found aplenty. Nearby to it is the Majlis Gallery where it hosts a variety of art exhibitions ranging from photography to sculpture.

Because of the blooming art scenes in Dubai, artwork Dubai is gaining popularity which gives way to art consultancy Dubai. In turn, this creates jobs such as an art consultant and hotel art consultant. Thus creating exciting opportunities for an art student to venture upon before maybe deciding to become an art consultant themselves.

Now, not only is Dubai famous for its luxurious hotels, unique architecture and trading businesses but also – art.