Windows vs Mac: Which is Safer?

It has been over a decade where people would regularly assume that Apple Macs are much safer than Windows as well as less likely to receive numerous online threats. But unfortunately, Mac has fallen in popularity as they have been a primary target for virus attacks and hacking activities. Mac users have faced numerous threats such as the Koobface form, Flashfake botnet, and the Mac Defender virus. Not only that, Mac users have also faced high-level risk from interacting with phishing scams and other virtual internet threats.

However, both Windows and Mac operating systems share the same vulnerability to cybersecurity threats and attacks. It is up to how the respective manufacturers and their developers to create a safe environment for their users. Currently, it is agreeable that the latest version of the Mac operating system, OS X, is less of a target to malware and hackers compared to windows. But, this doesn’t mean that all Mac users did not suffer from the Flashback Trojan virus. This is due to the fact that many Mac users develop a false sense of security for not needing an antivirus software.

Windows, on the other hand, allows users to freely customize and develop. Many people tend to favor Windows OS due to convenience and flexibility. Users don’t need to use a custom application like Macs to transfer files between device and computer as a USB connection would suffice. Even so, Windows OS also makes them more vulnerable to attacks as torrenting and downloading of files is so easy, anyone can sneak hidden viruses in these files without the user knowing.

The debate on whether Windows or Mac has better security is still ongoing. But it’s safe to say for users to be aware of how malware can attack their computer and how to prevent it. Unless you’re looking to learn how to hack or create an application on how to hack WhatsApp, there are always lessons online to build your cybersecurity knowledge, and you can start here at http://thetruthspy.com/whatsapp-hack/.